Calling all Startups!

BigBooster is back for its 3rd Season to help spur some of the most exciting tech innovations into global markets

Our unique international non-profit acceleration program for startups provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost their new solutions in Bio & Health, Informative Tech and Global Impact, with the support of industry experts, early adopters and representatives from the VC community to take the leap internationally.

Organized across the globe, from Lyon (FR) to Boston (MA, USA), passing through China, Middle East & Africa, BigBooster aims at empowering startups to cross borders, think global and go international, with the help of major mentors, coach, and startup experts of all backgrounds.

We invite you to apply for the third Season of this incredible adventure.
Our non-profit program is constraint-light for the startups, while being a great opportunity to enhance their global approach.

A quick overview of BigBooster's main steps :

  • Season 3 Sourcing: June 8th
  • Announcement of the selected startups for Lyon Booster Camp: October 3rd
  • Booster Camp Shanghai/Shenzhen : September 21-27th
  • Booster Camp Lyon (100 startups): November 14-16th
  • BoosterHub and Demo days (up to 50 startups) : March-April 2018
  • Learning ventures : Booster camp Boston, China and Middle East Africa : June-Sept 2018

Registrations open June 8th

Meet BigBooster's top 3 for season 2.



BigBooster, is a high-level international non-profit acceleration program built for you to

Acquire a thorough knowledge of the Boston and American innovative ecosystems and markets.

Test and improve your international value proposition, strategy and pitch using feedback from top-notch mentors and experts.


2 intensive 3-day seminars and 1 final

Both take place with top-notch mentors & experts and allow in-between ad hoc mentoring.

Lyon (FR)
on November 8-10, 2016
for 100 selected startups

Boston (MA, USA)
in February 2017
for the Top 20

Lyon (FR)
in April 4-6, 2017
for the Top 3


Early-stage startups in

You have a proof of concept, a prototype or a demo, you want to scale up your startup for the American market, join our Booster Camps by applying before September 26th.



During Season 1, 150 Boosters guided the startups in the Lyon Booster camp, 50 Boosters were present in Boston. CEOs, founders, CFOs, Directors from large firms came to BigBooster to pass on their knowledge and experience, to help the startups take off.

Laurent Auguste

Veolia Executive SVP Innovation & Markets

Michel Goldman

Founder - I3H

Hugues Hansen

Managing Director Start'inPost